Women’s Synergy Endorphin Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit Review

This wetsuit is suitable for all levels of swimmers and is endorsed by many professional athletes. Also, it comes in many sizes which ensure a perfect fit.

The Women’s Synergy Endorphin provides superior performance due to their development of innovative and high-quality materials and technology. The design features a super soft low neck—with smooth skin on both sides—which means that you will hardly feel anything around your neck as you swim.

The Women’s Synergy Endorphin wetsuit is also designed with high buoyancy materials, and thus the product moves faster and floats higher.

In other words, you’ll save quite of bit of energy as you move through the water.


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Other features include:

  • A shipping weight of four pounds.
  • Hydrodynamic Neoprene—made from Yamamoto #40 and #39 SCS silicone SyPrene.
  • 5mm core buoyancy panels.
  • AquaLift Panels which promotes high-buoyancy.
  • HiFlex Panels which provides some of the best wetsuit flexings in this product category.
  • 2mm back and lower legs.
  • 2mm shoulders and arms.
  • Dual SmothSkin Neck—super flexible, low-fitting, and adjustable.
  • Non-abrasive Aqua Velctro—which maximizing adjustability.
  • Internal Zipper—for reduced water penetration and drag.
  • High-Quality Lining—designed for absorbing far less water than the typical wetsuit.


This wetsuit won the 2016 Triathlete Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for women’s wetsuits and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If you don’t like the product after thirty days, simply send it back for a full refund.

Also, the product offers a 2-year warranty as well as a lifetime replacement guarantee. The manufacturer warranty covers the wetsuit for any damage or defect that is a result of material construction, workmanship, the manufacturer processes.

If you get a defective product in the mail, just contact the manufacturer with the serial number and ask for an exchange.


  • This wetsuit is ideal for most swimmers and is a high value for the money. Whether you’ve been swimming for decades or are a beginner, this product will more than likely serve your needs.
  • As indicated by the product name, it is designed for use by triathletes. However, this product will also provide great comfort and high flexibility for swimming newbies.
  • The product is also just about perfectly balanced and is designed to assist the swimmer’s spine positioning—which adds additional efficiency.
  • Due to its aerodynamic design and flexibilty—is one of the speediest on the market. Lastly, this suit is a very low friction model and will cause almost no chafing when you wear it.
  • This wetsuit is one of the best-made suits on the planet. All seams are triple stitched and chemically bonded. All the suit junctions are heat taped—which means that it is one of the most durable triathlon suits around.
  • The suit features “quick grab tabs” which provide easy reach and the ability to open the suit in transition. In addition, if you need a pocket to store your lanyard while swimming, the fold under the closure doubles for that purpose.


  • The most common mistake that buyers make when purchasing this wetsuit is forgetting weight as a condition of purchase.
  • While height is important in choosing a wetsuit—and many customers tend to pick a wetsuit based on height—weight is the single most important feature to get right. However, this can be easily avoided if you refer to the size chart before purchasing the product. Also, if you are between sizes, choose one size up.
  • Choosing a size one size smaller will mean that the product will be nearly impossible to use appropriately. But if you order an inappropriate size, don’t worry. You can simply return it and exchange the suit for a better size.
  • The only other concern that this wetsuit might provide customers is that it is very thin. This is a purposeful design feature, as the small thickness of the suit provides for more flexibility.
  • Depending on where you’re swimming, the wetsuit might not provide much warmth. So, if you’re in a colder climate, swimming in the winter or the fall, or are deep sea diving you might want to consider a thicker wetsuit (depending on how deep you plan on diving).


Bottom line, this is just a great suit—especially for triathletes and pool swimmers. This suit is designed to provide super flexibility, which will especially increase your speed and save quite a bit of energy as you cut through the water.

The design will also provide a near perfect fit for any user—just make sure that you reference the product size chart and purchase the correct size. In addition, you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing anything at all.

In other words, this is one of the most aerodynamic and least friction inducing designs on the market—perfect for competitive swimmers.

This product provides great value, especially for the amount of investement. Whether you have never bought a wetsuit or if you’re a swimming veteran, all users should find this product to be highly functioning and serviceable.