TYR Sport Men’s Sport Competitor Trisuit Review

The TYR Sport Men’s Sport Competitor Tri-suit with Back Zipper (Competitor) feels like a second skin making it comfortable for every stage of a triathlon.

It has stretch and recovery technology built in for an excellent close fit. The fit is of the utmost importance so that athletes can focus on their race and not be distracted by clothing issues.

The Competitor has competitor mesh with moisture wicking properties to keep the wearer dry during sprint, Olympic, or longer races.

The mesh has good air flow increasing the breathability of the fabric, which also adds to the comfort.

This specialized fabric is also SPF 50+ and ultra-lite so athletes won’t be bogged down by a restrictive suit.


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The design of the Competitor also includes a specialized compression web.

Compression web gives the tightest of fits to increase blood flow and help prevent muscle fatigue by limiting muscle vibration. Much like other compression materials, it can increase efficiency by eliminating wasted energy.

The seat has a built-in AMP pad made of triple density foam to provide cushion and support while in the aero position.

The pad absorbs the weight of the rider taking some of the pressure off the seat. Protecting and cushioning the seat of the wearer is another way to prevent fatigue and keep athletes feeling strong during their race.

Athletes will be better able to concentrate on their race if they can remain as comfortable as possible.


A secure zipper can mean the difference between staying at peak performance during a race and falling behind the desired pace. The Competitor has a flip and lock zipper that closes easily and locks into place.

Once locked, it stays in place for the duration of the race without flopping around or coming unzipped. A clip zip is included so that a lanyard can be attached to the zipper for easy removal of the tri-suit.

A back zippered suit, like the Competitor, works well for those that want minimal distractions.

Whether you need to hold a key or energy packets, the pockets on the Competitor allow you to keep a few essential items with you at all times during a race. The pockets are small but secure enough to keep what you need safely at hand.

The opening of the legs has soft woven elastic with silicone beads to hold the tri-suit securely in position.

Athletes won’t be distracted by the suit moving during competition nor will time be lost due to readjusting the Competitor while biking or running.

Tri-suits that are too tight can slow blood flow and become uncomfortable, limiting the performance of the wearer. The beads of the Competitor hold the leg openings in place without restricting movement or reducing blood flow.

At the waist, there is a stretch drawstring that can be adjusted for a good fit.

It helps to prevent bunching or excess fabric at the waist. This allows the suit to better fit different body types.



  • Comfort – The compression offered with the Competitor makes it comfortable to wear and allows athletes to run their race without worrying about what they’re uniform.
  • AMP cushion – The AMP cushion makes a big difference. Even athletes that did a 28-mile ride found the cushion to be helpful when it came to comfort and endurance.
  • Durability – The Competitor holds its elasticity through multiple uses. The mesh and compression web remain snug as well.
  • Value – This suit is reasonably priced and has the durability to last for a season or beyond.


  • Zipper – The back zipper was difficult for those with a wide chest to open and close. Using a lanyard helped most athletes remove the suit more easily.


The Competitor runs small, especially for those with a wide chest.

Many athletes ordered a size larger than recommended by the size chart.


For the value and quality, the Competitor is hard to beat. It has the features needed for an excellent tri-suit for everyone from the beginner to a veteran triathlete.