TYR SPORT Men’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Review

The TYR Sport Men’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1 (Hurricane) is a well-made entry level suit.

TYR categorizes their suits from 1 to 5, with 5 being the top of the line competitive wetsuits. The Hurricane is the simplest version of the Hurricane line of wetsuits available from TYR.

It has some of the features of the more expensive category 3 or 5 wetsuits, but opts for overall simplicity.

Constructed with Slick Skin Neoprene, the Hurricane allows the wearer to glide through the water minimizing drag. Neoprene adds to the buoyancy of the swimmer because of the air bubbles in the rubber.

This not only keeps you warmer but keeps the body higher in the water. The slick skin finish helps water to move over the surface of the water more easily.


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TYR uses R.O.M. (range of motion) zones to address the areas where triathletes commonly need extra support and face buoyancy problems most noticeably in this suit, at the shoulders.

As a sleeveless suit, the shoulders of Hurricane are eliminated as an area of restriction. The zone encompasses the entire shoulder area so there is no pinching as the arm moves forward in the water.

Athletes that struggle with keeping their stroke form will especially appreciate the sleeveless model.

Despite the lack of sleeves, the Hurricane still keeps the body warm.

It allows the right amount of water between the body and the suit to create the insulation needed for warmth.


Using Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels on the legs, chest, and core, the Hurricane lifts the body into correct swimming position. This reduces drag and swim times.

Swimmers that struggle with sinking legs or correct body position will like these panels. Nothing can replace good form, but this suit can give help in certain areas.

Swimmers that naturally have correct body positioning may find these panels troublesome as they may have to adjust their stroke.

Many triathletes find themselves struggling through their T1. Getting out of the water can be disorienting and suits that are difficult to pull over the heel can add seconds to the transition time.

Quick release tapered ankle cuffs on the Hurricane help in T1. The taper allows the Hurricane to glide easily over the heels during removal.


  • Warmth – This model of the Hurricane is often used for sprint triathlons in water temperatures between 55 – 60 degrees. It kept the body warm in these conditions.
  • Shoulder mobility – As a sleeveless model one would expect this to be a top feature, but it also provides a comfortable range of motion without constriction at the armholes.
  • Removal – Quick removal is a definite strength of the Hurricane. Triathletes that are looking to cut their T1 times will not be disappointed with this suit.
  • Value – The quality of wetsuit that you for what you pay is excellent. You get the R.O.M. zones and buoyancy panels that are often found in more expensive suits.


  • Zipper – While the zipper is easy to pull down, it can be difficult to get it zipped in the first place. Some athletes needed help getting the suit zipped before use.


This suit fits true to size if you correctly follow the sizing chart.

The fit is snug, especially across the chest. Those that have a wide chest may need to order a larger size than indicated but overall most athletes found the sizing accurate.


The Hurricane allows you to take a step into triathlons without a major investment.

It has features that decrease swim times, keep the body in correct position, and reduce drag making it an excellent suit for the entry level or beginning triathlete.