Synergy Men’s Triathlon Trisuit Review

This suit literally goes everywhere and does everything you could ever want a wetsuit to do.

As the name implies this suit is designed for triathletes and is made to go from running and cycling to swimming effortlessly. It repels water for non-wet suit swims while maximizing breathability and is perfect for racing and training alike.


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This is Synergy’s best selling suit and for good reason.

It offers all the same benefits of the Synergy Sprint Top and the Synergy Tri short models but it offers a zipper 3/4 the length as those models—which increases flexibility and efficiency.

This suit is made from aquaphobic spandex know for breathability, comfort, and compression attributes. In addition, the NeoPad Gel makes the suit one of the best around for a short spring long distance running, as well as sudden transitions between swimming, running, or cycling.

All Synergy products are developed with the best and most durable materials and fabrics and that is certainly true of all their tri-gear including this suit.

In fact, Synergy was founded by triathletes, and thereby they really understand what athletes are looking for in this category.

Specifically, in regards to this wetsuit, it is one of the most durable, breathable, and comfortable wetsuits around.


This wetsuit is simply one of the best-made suits in the market. This is especially true considering the real value that the product provides.

First of all, this suit is specifically designed to retain almost zero h20 as you get in and out of the water. In addition to the attributes mentioned above, the suit is made with AquaLift Panels, which provide some of the best flexing around.

Also, it is one of the most balanced suits that one can buy—with a highly innovative and unique design that maintains the spinal position by the user, whether running or swimming.

In addition, it is one of the speediest suits for swimming. With its near perfectly aerodynamic design, you’ll feel like you were born for the ocean as your arm cuts through the water.

The product is made from a variety of highly buoyant materials which will assist you to float higher and move faster. Lastly, all seams are triple stitched, chemically bonded, and perfectly adapted for durability.

Nothing is worse than running a triathlon with a suit that easily breaks down and won’t allow you to finish the race.

This suit simply lasts forever, and should serve you for many triathlon events.


  • Highly durable—yet lightweight—fabric.
  • Features + 50 UPF and UV protection
  • Very large armholes that are unlikely to chaff because of extreme flexibility and the massive amount of room provided.
  • Two mesh pockets in the back.
  • The spandex is very comfortable.
  • Gel pad on the bottom which features a comfortable and velvety top layer—for cycling.
  • Silicone leg gripper which does not bind.
  • The zipper is sewn in very well and is very durable.
  • Easy to get on and off.
  • Great compression in the legs.
  • High-quality lining which absorbs less water than most wetsuits.


  • For some, the thing design might prove to be a difficulty. If you are swimming in cold areas or using this suit to do any real deep diving, it might suit your purposes better to go with another suit.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to purchase the appropriate size of this wetsuit.


Bottom line, this is another great suit provided by the Synergy company. In fact, it is probably their best. And that is really saying something, as Synergy produces many fine products.

This suit provides some of the best flexibility in its category and will, more than likely, increase your triathlon finish times—as the suit is geared towards speed and the retainment of energy during an event. this is especially true while in the water—the suit literally feels “friction-free” while swimming.

This is just a great product for any triathlete.