Synergy Men’s Tri Shorts Review

Product Overview

Do you love racing and training? If yes, you understand the importance of Synergy Men’s Tri Shorts. These shorts can be accompanied by any other garment to help you achieve the results you yearn for.

These shorts are highly durable and breathable. They do well on the bike and in water making them among the most preferred training suits.

The blend of the right fabric and features makes it possible to wear a single short for the entire racing competition. These shorts can be used in any event on any season. However, avoid using them in chlorinated pools as they will wear out quickly.

This short goes everywhere performing any role you would wish a wetsuit to perform.

As the name tri- suggests, the short is designed and made for triathletes, for swimming, cycling and running effortlessly. The short keeps water away from all the non-wet swimsuits thus making them perfect for training and racing alike.


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Why Synergy Men’s Tri Shorts

  1. Fabric

The fabric used in manufacturing these shorts is all-purpose. The material in here is both breathable when riding a bicycle, great in swimming and faster drying out of the water.

The manufacturer has mastered the art of blending fabric in a way, making them great at swimming and quickly dry by the time you start your ride.

  1. The Perfect Fit

The quality of results you get will depend on the size of shorts you pick. If they are small, they will reduce the circulation of blood which can be lethal. They will also constrict your motion and have a terrible look on you.

If they are too long, they may make it challenging to keep everything intact especially for men.

  1. Length

The range of these shorts is between six inches to ten inches. Whereas there is no recommended size, ensure the size you pick is the best for you. Do not settle for any length you are not comfortable in.

  1. The Leg Grips

The grips at the lower end of the little need to be comfortable as they perform their roles. The role of the grip is to hold the short firmly on the skin to prevent it from sliding up and achieve these results without the need to dig your skin.

  1. Seams

These shorts have quality seams that you cannot quickly note they’re there. They are flat and robust to conceal themselves and improve durability. The quality of seam construction increases with the increase in the purchasing price. The cheaper the price, the cheaper the seams quality.

About the Manufacturer

The synergy products are built with the aim of lasting for quite some time. To guarantee this, the manufacturer offers a one year warranty period to cover any defect arising from the manufacturer’s omission.

The lifetime warranty policy allows the users to send back their products for replacement at a 30% rate. It is important to note that the manufacturer is at the discretion to repair or refuse to service any item they deem faulty. Any defects that emanate from general wear and tear, misuse, misplacement and malicious damage by external experts.


  • Developed by Synergy products a renowned firm in developing the best durable fabrics and materials.
  • Synergy is a creation of triathletes. The firm, therefore, understands the needs of the trainers in this category and strives to achieve them.
  • The product is made up of aquaphobic spandex, an ingredient known for their compression, comfort, and breathability.
  • Supports a UV protection properties
  • Easy to embark and disembark
  • Excellent quality lining to absorb low levels of water as compared to most wetsuits.
  • The availability of two back pockets


  • Getting the right size for the product may prove a daunting task, especially when buying for the first time.
  • The tri-shorts in extreme cold seasons, using the short for deep diving, the short may be unable to provide efficient services as expected. The best thing is to buy the short you are comfortable in.


Does the Manufacturer Offer a Return Policy?

Yes. Synergy wetsuits yearn to provide a 100% satisfaction to their customers on any company product they buy. If for any reason you observe that the item doesn’t make you happy, you can return it within the first thirty after making the purchase.

The requirements for this being, you must show proof of the purchase and that you own the platform where you are requesting a refund. Once checks have been made, your initial payment method will be credited with the purchase price minus shipping costs.

How long does it take to Process Returns?

Returns are processed within 14 working days after return process has been initiated.

What are Buyers Saying about the Product?

Charles E Hairron loves the modesty cover of these shorts as compared to the other type of suits he has. And here is why he observes that the product helps keep your private parts private. The leg bands are consistent at providing the support needed to prevent the short from sliding up. In short, he finds the product quite comfortable.

Raymanon loves the product and advises other clients to purchase Synergy Men’s Tri Shorts, and they will not need to worry about making returns.

Final Thought

Bottom line, Synergy Men’s Tri Shorts Product is among the best products produced by Synergy. The quality of shorts produced by this firm are beyond reproach in the market concerning quality and price.

The shorts are designed to develop and enhance some of the flexibility needed to raise your triathlon finish time. As a result, the great sports aims at retaining a lot of energy during an event. And here is how it achieves this when swimming the costume reduces friction thus saving on energy used.

Select tri shorts within your budgetary range and enjoy the benefits. Ensure you get the right size and correct seam. Failure to match these can be quite catastrophic on your side.