Orca Men’s S5 Full Sleeve Wetsuit Review

Gone are the days when triathlon beginners had to rent a triathlon wetsuits for them to race in one. Unless you were planning to participate in the race every summer, it was hard to justify buying a high quality triathlon suit.

In recent years, there has been an increase in entry-level wetsuits in the market. As a result, the market value of these suites reduced considerably. Today, you can get a good wetsuit that is also affordable.

However, the fact that a suit is cheap does not necessarily mean that it is worth buying. The quality of wetsuits offered by different manufacturers varies significantly.

The Orca Men’s S5 Full Sleeve suit is among the best in the market today, as illustrated in this review.


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The evolution of generation S Speed suits by Orca continues with the recent introduction of the Men’s S5 Full Sleeve suit by the company.

Some of the features found in the S5 speed suit are similar to those found in its predecessor, the S4—a speed suit by the same manufacturer

However, the S5 suit comes with new features and improvements, such as increased buoyancy and flexibility and a 5mm thick, neoprene panel from the neck region to the mid-leg section of the suit.

Owing to its new improvements, the new suit is probably the most buoyant new-entry wet suit in the market today.

While the 5mm thick panel on the suit is intended to increase buoyancy, the 2mm panel on the arms is meant to increase flexibility of the suit around the shoulders of the wearer.

Going under water in the suit makes you feel buoyant because of the profuse lift the suit offers to your thighs and body. Unlike the previous versions of the wetsuit, Orca Men’s S5 Full Sleeve wetsuit ensures that you remain buoyant without having to kick your feet too much.

The new suit also features a watertight seal around the neck to keep water out.


  • It comprises of 100 percent Neoprene
  • New transition calf panels—this feature makes the suit easy to remove, hence reducing transition time.
  • Improved flexibility—Flexibility in the new S5 suit is enhanced by the 2 mm SCS neoprene used on its shoulders and arms, in addition to the high stretch, 3-4mm SCS coating on the arms and the upper torso.
  • Yamamoto neoprene technology
  • Improved buoyancy—the suit is fitted with 5mm neoprene panels to help beginners float in water.
  • The Orca Men’s S5 Full Sleeve wet suit guarantees improved hydrodynamics, durability, buoyancy and flexibility.
  • The back side of this suit is entirely made of a 3mm Smooth neoprene Skin.
  • The Silicone-print HydroStroke technology used on the forearm catch panels of the wetsuit increases your power through the stroke.
  • Thermal Protection.


The suit works great on first timers

  • The suit features a learning curve that is meant to help beginner get into and out of the suit with ease.
  • The suit comes with gloves to use when touching the suit. This is meant to protect the surface of the wetsuit from damage.
  • The Men’s S5 Full Sleeve wetsuit is comfy to wear and allows you to move freely, with a low neckline.
  • The suit keeps you warm for extended swimming periods.
  • The suit is suitable for both the beginners and intermediate Triathlon swimmers.
  • The S5 suit is worthy its market value and makes you faster in the water.
  • It fits perfectly, provided that you choose the right suit.
  • It is aesthetically appealing and functions according to the manufacturer’s marketing information.
  • It delivers impressive performance


  • One user claims that he did not find the material of the suit flexible enough.
  • Another user says that he had difficulties getting into and out of the suit.


When shopping for the Orca Men’s S5 Full Sleeve wetsuit, you should consider the following tips to ensure that you get the right fit.

  • Prioritize on your weight rather than your height.
  • If your fit is in between two different suit sizes, opt for the bigger size as it will be more comfy to wear.
  • Wetsuits are meant to fit tightly to the body. If you prefer a more comfortable fit, it is advisable to go up a size.
  • A comfortable fit is recommended as it will allow you to put on the suit and take it off easily and fast.

For instance, if you are 5’11’ tall and weigh 180cm, you will find the Size 8 Orca Men’s S5 Full Sleeve wetsuit to be a comfortable fit. If you are a beginner or an intermediate triathlon swimmer, the Orca Men’s S5 Full Sleeve wetsuit is probably the best swim suit you can get in the market today.


As demonstrated above, the company included new features and improved the ones on the previous version of the wetsuit. Such improvements make the suit one of the best in the market.