Best Tri Suits and Reviews: Guide for Beginners

If you are in the market for a Tri Suit, you know how overwhelming it can be to choose from the hundreds of suits currently on the market. Below are ten tri suit reviews, five for men and five for women, aimed to help you choose the best tri suit for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for the best in comfort, muscle support, aerodynamics, or cooling technology, there is something on this list for every racer.

Best Tri Suits for Men

SLS3 USA Men’s Triathlon Suit

SLS3 Triathlon Tri Race Suit

This tri suit from SLS3 USA has been constructed with your comfort and support in mind. With lightweight moisture-wicking materials that stretch in all directions, this suit will keep you dry, cool, and fully mobile during without restriction. Ventilated shoulder pads, a front zipper, and a padded chamois all work to keep you from chaffing and overheating during every portion of the race.


  • Skin-tight compression fit allows full mobility
  • Nylon/spandex blend is lightweight, cooling, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying
  • Foam cushion in chamois prevents chaffing and keeps you comfortable on your bike seat
  • 6″ x 5″ rear pocket allows for convenient storage
  • Front zipper puts you in control of chest compression, heat, and ventilation


  • Sizing is difficult for men over 5’10”
  • Sleeves may bunch up at the armpits, as this suit doesn’t feature the open arm design
  • Leg grippers can be too tight in larger sizes and cause skin irritation or discomfort

DeSoto Men’s Forza Triathlon Suit

DeSoto Men's Forza Triathlon Suit

This tri suit by DeSoto is constructed to be extremely durable and can handle extreme conditions during all of your races. The leg area is designed specifically to offer the best hamstring supports on the market, and all other areas are reinforced as well. Each intricate design on this tri suit, including utility pockets, sewn in padded supports, and ventilated zippers, were added to enhance performance while swimming, running, or cycling.

  • Double leg band compressor stays in place and eliminates the need for uncomfortable grippers
  • Five utility pockets that don’t interfere with seams or the sleek fit of the suit
  • Thick yet breathable material protects from sun damage
  • Fits well on all body types
  • Rear, abdominal, and hamstring supports allow for better stamina and muscle recovery


  • Compression fit and thicker material may cause overheating or a lack of ventilation

2XU Men’s LD Core Support Tri Suit

2XU Men's LD Core Support Tri Suit

The 2XU Men’s LD Core Support Tri Suit is unique because of its zoned compression layout, which applies pressure in paneled sections rather than over the entire suit and allows for great circulation. The 2XU ICE X2 fabric will keep your skin cool and prevents overheating, even in extreme weather. Because of the front zipper, you can control the ventilation of this suit and even further cool yourself down no matter how hard you’re working.


  • Zoned compression focuses support on the sides, thighs, and the lower back to keep muscles safe
  • 2XU ICE X2 fabric keeps your body up to 5°F cooler and prevents over heating
  • Comfortable memory tech chamois offers padded support and prevents chaffing
  • Elastic grips keep leg portion of suit from riding up despite the light material


  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Pockets are extremely small, so belongings can fall out of them easily or cause resistance during the swimming portion of your race

Orca Men’s Core Tri Race Suit

Orca Men's Core Tri Race Suit

This high-quality tri suit is breathable, waterproof, and has a thick cushioned chamois, making it ideal for all of the types of racing you’ll be doing. The side and back panels are made of mesh, ensuring ventilation throughout the entire suit so you can perform your absolute best for longer periods of time. The water repellent coating on the polyester/spandex material will help you glide easily through the water at top speed.


  • 70kg density chamois provides extra comfort on the bike and support on the run
  • Soft mesh back and side panels offer ventilation and breathability for comfort
  • Two rear pockets keep your belongings in place and out of your way
  • Waterproof fabric glides through water and will dry quickly on the run


  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Torso is smaller than most, so the suit may be uncomfortable for taller racers

Synergy Men’s Triathlon Tri Suit

Synergy Men's Triathlon Tri Suit

The Synergy Men’s Triathlon Tri suit is an all-around comfortable product that will make the transition parts of your race easier. Chaffing won’t be a concern in this suit, as it features extra large arm holes and a gel pad chamois for your comfort. The spandex compresses lightly and offers great sun protection.


  • Superior comfort with large arm openings, mesh back panels, and gel chamois
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to keep you dry and fresh at every point in the race
  • Extra long zipper for easy removal and ventilation
  • Excellent fit for all body types


  • Zipper can be uncomfortable from the inside of the suit, as it isn’t sewn in flat

Best Tri Suits for Women

ZOOT Women’s Performance Tri Race Suit

ZOOT Women's Performance Tri Race Suit

This tri suit for women will move with your body like your own skin and keep you flexible and fast during your race. The suit features a seamless stitch construction so no chaffing happens against your skin, and the compression fit is skin tight all around. It’s so comfortable you won’t even know it’s there, but it will be protecting you from sun damage and discomfort the entire time.


  • Seamless stitches for maximum comfort and skin tight flexibility
  • Chamois is padded for protection, but not so bulky that it interferes with your performance
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Hems are tight and don’t have uncomfortable grippers that might irritate the skin


  • Bra elastic is very tight, and some find it restricting to their breathing
  • Leg portion of the suit may ride up in larger sizes

TYR Sport Women’s Sport Competitor Tri suit with Front Zipper

TYR Sport Women's Sport Competitor Tri suit with Front Zipper

This tri suit from TYR is top of the line in terms of compression and muscle recovery. The graduated compression focuses on your side, back, and hamstring muscles and improves circulation for muscle stamina during the race. This suit is great for athletes who take the recovery time after their race seriously.


  • Beaded leg grippers are effective and more comfortable than flat stitched-in elastic bands
  • Graduated compression stimulates blood circulation and allows for faster muscle recovery
  • Extra long zipper is comfortable and keeps chest secure during your races, but can be adjusted for extra ventilation


  • Sizes run very small, especially in the hip area, so it is best to buy a size up if you’re unsure

Sugoi Women’s RPM Tri Suit

Sugoi Women's RPM Tri Suit

The Sugoi Women’s RPM Tri Suit offers superior ventilation and breathability compared to other tri suits currently on the market. The suit in constructed into mesh or compression zones and the mesh zone panels allow for easy airflow and prevent overheating even in hotter climates. The flat seams are designed in a way that prevents chaffing to keep you comfortable and able to perform your hardest.


  • Mesh panel inserts allow for increased airflow and prevent overheating
  • Materials and seams prevent chaffing and remain comfortable when wet
  • True to size and a perfect fit for any body type


  • No built-in bra for those who need extra support

2XU Women’s Active Tri Suit

2XU Women's Active Tri Suit

The women’s tri suit from 2XU is constructed to be one of the best suits on the market for every portion of the race. The chamois features an extra slim design but still provides the perfect amount of comfort on the bike. Transition times will be easy because the suit wicks moisture and dries faster than most other suits.


  • Y-shaped elastic grip keeps suit in place but remains comfortable
  • Mesh panel in front and back of suit allow for ventilation and have a body-cooling effect
  • Flat seams prevent chaffing and keep the suit as skin tight as possible
  • Quick drying materials allow for fast transitions between the different races and keeps you comfortable by wicking away sweat


  • Suit runs a little on the large side, so you may want to buy a size smaller than you normally would
  • The compression is loose-fitting and may not be great for muscle support, meaning that you could experience muscle fatigue earlier on that you would in a more supportive tri suit

Pearl iZUMi Women’s Elite Pursuit Tri Suit

Pearl iZUMi Women's Elite Pursuit Tri Suit

The women’s tri suit made by Pearl is a great option if you value muscle support and recovery. The In-R-Cool fabric technology not only keeps your body from overheating, it also offers a high-quality and durable compression fit that maintains its elasticity over time and keeps you from experiencing muscle fatigue. The durable fabric also maintains a high level of flexibility and won’t hold you back when you need to be the most mobile.


  • In-R-Cool fabric technology cools the body and supports muscles
  • Compression stimulates circulation and allows for fast muscle recovery
  • Seams and pockets are placed for aerodynamics and high-level performance
  • Skin-tight flexibility allows speed and comfort


  • Leg grippers may be scratchy and irritate the skin as you move
  • The compression fit can feel restrictive in the chest area to some athletes depending on bra size

We hope that you find these tri suit reviews helpful in finding the perfect product for your racing needs and preferences. Each tri suit on this list is of the highest quality on the market and comes with a great amount of features that make it beneficial for new and experiences athletes. Each tri suit also comes with a few drawbacks, but none of them are major enough to outweigh the advantages that these suits have to offer.