Best Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuits & Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking to purchase a new sleeveless triathlon wetsuit, it is helpful to know all the benefits a triathlon wetsuit can give you. Depending on how you will be using it, either in competition or recreationally, you can find wetsuits that have features that add speed and buoyancy when you need it. Here are a few things to look for in the best sleeveless triathlon wetsuit, and several wetsuit reviews for both men and women.

Wetsuit Categories

Beginners and Budget
If you are just starting out, you will need a good wetsuit that will help you get through training and races. Most beginner wetsuits are pretty affordable. The more expensive ones you see were created for specific reasons like speed or comfort. A basic wetsuit will be more affordable, and will help you get started in this sport.

Those that are competing in wetsuit-legal races will be interested in the speed of a wetsuit. Intermediate swimmers and experienced triathletes will be interested in Category 2 or Category 3 wetsuits that give you a more comfortable fit, and will help to increase their speed. Category 2 wetsuits will be more affordable than Category 3, so if you have a budget, keep that in mind.

Newest Innovations
Category 4 wetsuits will have the newest technology for those that are interested in spending a little more. These are the top of the line wetsuits that are the best quality, and are made of the most buoyant rubber. They are also created with flexibility, performance, and efficiency as a top feature, and use the most innovative characteristics and materials to make a high performance triathlon wetsuit.

Features to Consider

Proper Fit
You definitely need to make sure the wetsuit fits you properly, is not too loose, and fits well in the shoulder and crotch area. You also need a good neck and wrist seat to prevent water from flowing into you suit which will slow you down.

Material and Thickness
The most common thickness variation is between 1.5mm-5mm, and you definitely need some stretch in the material. The thinner the better, and you definitely want the flexibility to be in your shoulder area. A thicker material will be used in the chest and leg area to increase your buoyancy. Generally most brands will use the same type of neoprene, or rubber, in their price ranges.

You need to decide on what your comfort level is for you to perform at your best. Some people find a performance fit too tight, and really uncomfortable. Depending on the type of race, and the size of course, you may prefer a less restricting suit. There are a few areas to keep in mind that can cause chafing including your neck and wrists. Gaps and loose fitting areas can become chafing areas if you are not careful. If it is loose when it is new, remember that it will become looser with wear, and you can end up carrying extra water which will slow you down. If you have a short course, a loose suit can work; however, if you are doing a long course, you will want a tighter fit to get through it.

Men’s Sleeveless Wetsuits

Neo Sport Podium Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit

NeoSport Podium Sleeveless Wetsuit

NeoSport Triathlon Wetsuit is a sleeveless wetsuit created by a company that has over 45 years of wetsuit technology. They merge superior design, and high-quality materials to produce the finest wetsuits in the industry. NeoSport creates Triathlon suits that are made with a select ultra-smooth 5mm Speed Skin neoprene that gives you the utmost buoyancy, as well as performance. These suits are lightweight, and a great value. The neoprene is not only ultra-light, but it is soft and comfortable.

This wetsuit has improved hydrodynamics which lessens fatigue, and it has a parallel ribbed chest, legs, and back that lessens the flow turbulence that increases your speed and efficiency at the same time. To decrease drag and increase kick efficiency, there are mid-calf leg openings, plus wider exit openings that help to lessen heel snag, transition times, and faster suit removal. The adjustable collar also give you a precision fit without having unwanted scooping, and the narrow contours lessen chafing. The NeoSport comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Users have found the NeoSport to fit well which helps to make workouts really easy, and easy to get in and out of. They also found it be a great price for a high-quality product. Others found that the sizes ran small, and that it had a high amount of buoyancy which took some getting used to.

Overall, the NeoSport Triathlon Wetsuit is a lightweight suit that is a great value. It is ultra-light, comfortable, and has great buoyancy making it a great choice for competitions.

TYR SPORT Men’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1

TYR Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit

TYR SPORT Men’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1 is a streamlined form of the TYR’s more advanced Hurricane Series wetsuit. They used some of the best features of the high level suit to create the Category 1, making a triathlon wetsuit that is a great price point while maintaining its high performance reputation. The Category 1 is made of neoprene, and includes speed wrap paneling, range of motion zones, and a quick release ankle cuff.

User have found the Category 1 does a great job of keeping you warm, while still having a great range of motion for your arms. It’s a great design, especially for those with broader shoulders, and the fitting chart was accurate. Others thought the wetsuits ran small, and the material was not as thin as they expected, or very flexible.

TYR SPORT Men’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1 is a great wetsuit for those starting out. It has a great price point for a high performance wetsuit.

Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless

Xterra Men's Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless

The Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit is a great beginner wetsuit. It’s fast, durable, comfortable, and, most importantly, affordable. It has a 3:2mm neoprene construction that gives you the most flexibility, while the XTERRA’s own X-Slice coating lessens drag so you can be faster in the water. It’s a flexible wetsuit that stretches in all four directions, but returns to its original shape. It’s available in eight sizes, and you have the option of trying it out for thirty days to make sure you love it.

Users have commented that it is a great price for a high quality product. The fit is great, and it keeps you torso and legs warm. Others have commented that it doesn’t keep you at a perfect temperature, and it only keeps you reasonably warm.

Overall, the Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit is great for those just starting out. It’s an affordable suit that will also give you durability, comfort, and speed.

O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superlite John Wetsuit

O'Neil Men's Superlite John Sleeveless Wetsuit

The O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superlite John Wetsuit is a great suit for stand up paddling, providing great protection from wind, cold water, and UV rays with lightweight protection. The breathable and lightweight FluidFlex neoprene offers protection from the outdoors while giving a full range of motion. The lightweight Fluid Foam neoprene is soft, flexible, and high performance wetsuit. The Flatloc construction uses a breathable, overlapping flat stitch that lessens chafing. It also has a UV protection of UPF 50, reinforced knees to protect against abrasions, and ankle zippers that let you put on and take off the suit allow for easily.

Users found that the ankle zippers were great for removing the suit. Others thought it had a great price, great fit, great quality, and it was very easy to take on and off. Other users found the zippers weren’t as rugged as other O’Neill products, and some found that it peeled and frayed shortly after they started wearing it.

The O’Neill Wetsuits Mens Superlite John Wetsuit is a great breathable and lightweight wetsuit that works well outdoors to keep you warm. Its designed as high performance wetsuit that is great for lots of sports and activities.

Blueseventy Men’s Sprint Sleeveless Wetsuit

The BlueSeventy Sprint Long John Men’s Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit is a great beginner’s wetsuit. It has seam lines, increased buoyancy, better flexibility, and new features that will excite customers. It’s made of 100% Yamamoto #38 Neoprene which makes the wetsuit stretchy and buoyant. The Super Composite Skin (SCS) Coating in the arms and legs give it better durability. The BlueSeventy also has silicone wrist and ankle cuffs, and a lower rear collar for added comfort. The arms and arm gussets are 1.5mm Neoprene for flexibility, and the buoyancy panels give you added lift your lower body for better body position.

Users found that it was the ideal fit, and functioned perfectly. Others though it was great suit with a comfortable fit, and that the suit really wore well. Other users did not like that the silicone lower legs don’t really “pop” off at the ankles.

The BlueSeventy Sprint Long John Men’s Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit is another great wetsuit for those just starting out. It fits well, its comfortable, and functions well.

Women’s Sleeveless Wetsuits

TYR SPORT Women’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1

TYR SPORT Women's Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1

The TYR SPORT Women’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1 is similar to the men’s version. Taking great features from the high level Hurricane Series, the Category 1 is a more affordable version with the same high performance. The Category 1 is made of neoprene, has a full range of motion, and includes quick ankle cuff releases, plus speed wrap paneling.

Users felt that it was a nice suit that was event legal. Others felt it fit great, and didn’t make you feel claustrophobic, plus it was great for first time users. Other users thought it ran small, and disliked that there was nowhere to the tuck the pull on the zipper.

Overall the TYR SPORT Women’s Hurricane Sleeveless Wetsuit Category 1 is just like the men’s version, and has great features at an affordable price. It’s a high performance suit that is great for beginners.

NeoSport Women’s Jane 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit

NeoSport Womens Triathlon Wetsuit

The NeoSport Women’s Jane 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit offers its exclusive Speed Skin neoprene that is merged with Ultra Soft Coated Skin neoprene to give it unrivaled buoyancy, as well as comfort and flexibility. The 5mm Speed Skin neoprene in the chest panel makes it perfect for positioning in the water with hardly any surface resistance.

The 3mm back panel allows you to have a full range of motion to make your stroke
performance efficient. Generous arm openings made of Nylon laminated neoprene also increase your swim efficiency, while the arm area is constructed of Nylon laminated neoprene edged in Lycra gives you a secure and comfortable seal against water entry. A mid-calf opening lessens drag, and increases your kick efficiency, plus a wider opening decreases heel snag for faster transition times.

Users found the suit a great deal for an awesome price. Others were thrilled that there was an inner pouch for your key, and zippers that have bigger teeth so they are easier to pull up and down. Others found that the sizes ran much smaller than competitor suits, and that the neck was too tight causing a rash.

The NeoSport Women’s Jane 5/3mm Triathlon Wetsuit gives you a full range of motion with efficient performance. It’s a high performance suit for a great price that is great for competitions.

Women’s Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Long John

Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit

The Synergy Endorphin Long John sleeveless wetsuit gives you great flexibility, buoyancy, and speed at a beginner’s price. The Synergy is high-quality, performance wetsuit for a great value that is created for optimal balance between flexibility and buoyancy. It’s a great wetsuit for any ability level, and can be used in competition or recreational swimming. Its design will keep you warm and buoyant while giving you a full range of arm motion.

The Synergy Endorphin comes with a AquaLift SmoothSkin (3rd generation) panel that includes a treatment of nano SCS silicone that provides very low friction for all of the front body. It also promotes superb flotation, and gets rid of all friction for superior glide. The dual-layered, low-fitting, adjustable, and very flexible SmoothSkin Neck Enclosure reduces chafing, while the 1mm SmoothSkin delivers an impenetrable, but soft seal reducing chaffing and discomfort. It has a high grade, non-abrasive neckline made of aqua Velcro, and an internal zipper that gives you the ideal fit, plus lessens drag, and water infiltration.

Users found the Synergy Endorphin to run very true to size. They loved the flexible material at the neck, and that you didn’t need practice time in the suit to get used to it. Others felt that it was actually too tight around the neck, and too small in the bust area.

The Synergy Endorphin Long John sleeveless wetsuit has great flexibility and buoyancy. It can be used by any ability level, and in either competitions or recreational swimming.

Xterra Women’s Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wetsuit

Xterra Womens Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless

Much like the men’s version, the Xterra Women’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Volt is one of the best beginner’s wetsuits on the market. It’s known to be durable, comfortable, fast, and a great value. It is made with a 3:2mm neoprene construction, with reduced drag thanks to XTERRA’s X-Slice coating. The high-performing X-Flex suit liner is super stretchy, and it will go back into its original shape each time.

Users felt it was almost a perfect fit, and that it was great for first timers. Others felt that it’s too high at the back of the neck.

Overall, the Xterra Women’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Volt is a great beginner’s wetsuit. Its comfortable, durable, and a great value for those just starting out.

O’Neill Wetsuits Womens Bahia Jane Wetsuit

ONeill Wetsuits Womens Bahia Wetsuit

The O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Bahia Jane Wetsuit was created for those that prefer personality, confidence, and beauty to their time in the water. It has a chic style with total functionality that makes it a rare wetsuit for the performance minded but style-savvy athlete. It has 100% Superstretch, plus 100% UltraFlex DS with Flatloc stitched seams. It also includes Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones, a double super seal neck, and Krypto Knee Padz.

Users found that it was really easy to get in to, and that it was perfect for snorkeling. Others felt that the neoprene that was used in its construction was more rigid than in competitor’s wetsuits, and that it was too tight in the leg areas.

The O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Bahia Jane Wetsuit is a more stylish suit that is also very functional. This is a suit for those that want great features, and chic-style.