Best Full-Sleeve Triathlon Wetsuits & Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best wetsuits for triathlon, then you want to know the important stuff: will it keep me warm while swimming in cold water, or cool while swimming in warmer water- or you may be more worried about the fit and longevity of the suit. Since you are training for a triathlon, you are most likely pretty busy and may not have time to pick through all of the suits to find the best wetsuits. So, get on with reading the list so that you can get back to keeping your body in tip-top shape!

Best Full-Sleeve Wetsuits for Men

1. Men’s Synergy Endorphin Fullsleeve Smoothskin Neoprene

Synergy Endorphin fullsleeve triathlon wetsuit

Like most wetsuits, this one may take some patience to put on, but it has many features that will have you dreading taking it off. Coming in fewer than two-hundred dollars, this wetsuit is equipped with an internal non-corrosive YKK zipper to reduce drag, anti-chafing smooth skin neck and it is available in sixteen sizes!


  • This wetsuit is open water and Ironman approved.
  • It offers exceptional flexibility (six-hundred eighty percent!).
  • Full thirty-day refund available!
  • Stay afloat with five millimeter thick core buoyancy panel, three millimeter lower leg and back panels, and two millimeter arm and shoulder panels.
  • The back includes non-abrasive Velcro to ensure a good fit.


  • Finding the right fit for you can be challenging.
  • Very difficult to put on (especially the first time).

If you are well versed in finding the right fit for a new wetsuit, then this suit should offer no further problems. This product is a great wetsuit for a triathlon, or even a relaxing day of scuba diving!

2. Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit

Xterra Triathlon Wetsuit Fullsuit

This wetsuit is equipped with Xterra’s x-slice coating to reduce drag, which will make you faster while in the water. It follows the 3:2 ratio for maximum flexibility, which means it includes a three millimeters thick buoyancy panel in the front, and two millimeters in the back. These panels help to fight against your body’s natural ‘drag,’ keep you afloat and help you win the race!


  • This wetsuit is suitable for athletes completing the most rigorous training or for an entry-level swimmer purchasing his first wetsuit.
  • The X-stretch suit liner effortlessly stretches in all four directions. Then, it promptly returns to its original shape.
  • Be wowed even further with this wetsuit’s thirty-day money back guarantee!


  • It is only available in nine sizes.
  • This wetsuit is best suited for short-distance speed swims.

Reviewers of this product suggest ensuring the wetsuit is properly fitted in order to keep the swimmer warm when venturing out into colder waters.

3. Synergy Hybrid Men’s Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit

Synergy Hybrid Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit

Synergy boasts that its Hybrid Men’s Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit is one of the best wetsuits for triathlon and with good reason. This wetsuit was used by two ITU World Champions and four Olympians!

With fourth generation Aerodome Rubber and unbelieveably flexible SyPrene, this suit will help propel you through the water, keeping you warm and carrying you to victory.


  • This wetsuit is equipped with Aqualift glide panel wraps on the sides of the suit to help balance your body and maximize buoyancy.
  • It has more Aerodome smooth skin than any other triathlon wetsuit available today.
  • The ingenious BioAlighn panels prevent you from “snaking” while swimming.
  • This wetsuit features an internal zipper and non-abrasive aqua Velcro to ensure a perfect fit and zero drag.


  • Costs more than most other wetsuits, coming in at just under four-hundred dollars.
  • This wetsuit does not include a thirty-day money back guarantee.

Considering the fact that this suit has performed well under very stressful conditions (the Olympics, for instance), this best wetsuit for men really seems like a good buy. It includes multiple features to make the swimmer move more comfortably and easily through the water.

4. TYR Sport Men’s Category 3 Hurricane Wetsuit

TYR Sport Category Hurricane Wetsuit

With Quick Release Ankle cuffs for simple, quick removal during T1 and Speed Wrap paneling throughout the leg, chest and core, it is no secret that this wetsuit was created for triathletes wanting to tighten up their times!


  • It is complete with free Range of Motion zones that reduce restriction in the shoulder and back areas.
  • This wetsuit features form fitting wrist cuffs to eliminate water entering your wetsuit during strokes.
  • To create a ‘built-in paddle,’ thick panels are ingeniously placed on the forearm to facilitate a catch-and-pull stroke, increasing your distance per stroke.
  • This wetsuit is priced fairly for anyone, and it costs less than two-hundred fifty dollars!


  • The sizing chart for this wetsuit may be inaccurate, according to product reviews.
  • Unfortunitaly, this wetsuit does not come with a money back guarantee.

This wetsuit one has added features to increase your speed and make the most of your triathlon. It is wetsuit is suitable for beginners and even the most seasoned triathlon swimmer.

5. Orca Men’s S6 Full Sleeve Wetsuit

Orca Mens Full Sleeve Wetsuit

When it comes to compelling features, this wetsuit has does not fall short. Unlike previously mentioned wetsuits, this wetsuit is equipped with Yamamoto 39CELL, a very flexible (five-hundred thirteen percent elongation rate) neoprene to support a natural swimming motion.


  • This wetsuit boasts zero water absorption along with zero weight variation, which will increase your speed and decrease your triathlon time.
  • It features Super Composite Skin, a well-known coating used for triathlon wetsuits that reduces friction and repels water.
  • This best wetsuit for triathlon features a four and a half millimeter back panel for maximum buoyancy allows the swimmer to move more easily through the water.
  • It is ideal for beginners and/or open water swimming.


  • Reviewers say finding the correct size was difficult with this suit. Ensuring proper fit is very important because a loose fitting wetsuit in cold water will not keep you warm.
  • Affordably priced at just under two-hundred fifty dollars.
  • This wetsuit does not include a thirty-day money back guarantee.

The Orca Men’s S6 Full Sleeve Wetsuit will work well for the beginner along with the most experienced triathlete. This wetsuit is also a good pick for those triathletes who feel their speed would increase with added buoyancy.

Best Full-Sleeve Wetsuits for Women

1. Women’s Synergy Endorphin Fullsleeve


This best wetsuit for women is Iron Man tested and approved! With triple-stitch and chemically bonded seams, this wetsuit will keep your body dry during your swim, and it is nothing short of marvelous. It won the 2016 Triathlete Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, and it is suitable for all levels!


  • Included with this suit is a name tag that gives added protection from theft.
  • It is made with a five millimeter thick core buoyancy panel, three millimeter lower leg and back panels and a two millimeter thick panel in both arms and shoulders to help keep you afloat while you swim.
  • All buoyancy panels made from the highest grade hydrodynamic neoprene.
  • This wetsuit offers full range of motion and six-hundred eighty percent flexibility.


  • The fabric on this wetsuit is thin, so it’s not suggested to be used for scuba diving or any other activity other than swimming.

This wetsuit would be a great choice for anyone who is competing in a triathlon, and it will cost you less than two hundred dollars!

2. TYR SPORT Women’s Hurricane Wetsuit Category 1

TYR Womens Hurricane Wetsuit

With quick release ankle cuffs and speed wrap paneling, the TYR Sport Women’s Hurricane Wetsuit is definitely one of the best women’s wetsuits out there for triathlons because it’s so easy to take off!


  • It is cost efficient because it costs less than two-hundred dollars.
  • It is equipped with form-fitting wrist cuffs to prevent water from getting into the sleeves.


  • The material rips more easily because it is thinner than most other wetsuits.
  • Some users found it difficult to find the correct size.

Overall, this wetsuit is great for the price. If you are looking for the best wetsuit to wear while competing in a triathlon, then this one will not disappoint. It takes no time to take off, so it will reduce your overall time!

3. Ivation Women’s Full Body Wetsuit

Ivation Premium Neoprene Fullsleeve Wetsuit

Yeah, you are doing your body a solid by even competing in a triathlon, but what about your skin? The Invation women’s wetsuit provides full body protection against cold waters, sea lice and even the sun’s harmful rays.


  • This wetsuit is made from Nylon, so it is weightless and it slips off quickly and easily.
  • It is made with a plastic front zipper and foot stirrups to keep suit in place.
  • This wetsuit offers an enhanced range of motion, and is best for running, swimming and many other sports.
  • It costs less than most full-sleeve wetsuits, so it is one of the best options for women on a budget.


  • No buoyancy panels are included with this wetsuit.
  • This wetsuit offers no thirty-day money back guarantee.

4. Women’s NeoSport SPRINT Triathlon Wetsuit

Womens NeoSport SPRINT Triathlon Wetsuit

The NeoSport SPRINT Triathlon Wetsuit is made from one-hundred percent stretch neoprene material. To prevent drag and improve your triathlon time, it is coated with speed skin rubber that allows you to glide more easily through the water.


  • It is budget friendly, costing less than one-hundred sixty dollars.
  • This wetsuit has sealed seams to prevent water from entering during use.
  • It has a pulley for the back zipper for easier zipping.
  • For added buoyancy, this wetsuit has a five millimeter central panel.


  • This best wetsuit for triathlon is only suitable for temperatures of fifty degrees and greater.
  • This suit does not include buoyancy panels on the shoulders, arms or legs.

This wetsuit is great for anyone who needs a little extra help to complete a triathlon. It is great to use in low temperatures, and it comes with a one year warranty!

5.  2XU Women’s A:1 Active Triathlon Wetsuit

2XU Womens Active Triathlon Wetsuit

This wetsuit pulls out all the stops! For maximum buoyancy, this wetsuit is equipped with a four and a half millimeter thickness in the chest, and a one and a half millimeter thick super stretch transition zone. This amazing wetsuit is three millimeters thick in the shoulders, and it is complete with a thirty nine cell front buoyancy panel!


  • Since the zipper has its own panel, it doesn’t affect the distance per stroke.
  • Five-hundred percent stretch lining provides maximum lateral flexibility.
  • The concave water entrapment zone giving the swimmer more speed by enhancing the distance per stroke.
  • This wetsuit includes a roll bar that wraps around the hips for added buoyancy and an improved body position.
  • This suit is made with one-hundred percent Neoprene for a more superior swim experience.
  • This suit comes with a two year warranty!


  • This wetsuit is pretty expensive, costing just fewer than six-hundred dollars.
  • Some users found it extremely difficult to put on, especially the sleeves.

If you have the cash to spend on a really great wetsuit, then the 2XU Triathlon Wetsuit is a great bet! This wetsuit was made for those triathletes that perform at the highest levels.

There are so many different types of wetsuits out there, but finding the right one for you and your budget does not have to be difficult! Consider your speed, experience and size when deciding which is the best wetsuit for triathlon for you. And do not forget to check the sizing panels to ensure you get the right size wetsuit!