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Robert Bauman has been a dedicated triathlete for over a decade with over twenty completed triathlons in three different countries. Robert consistently places in the top ranks for his age class in every competition. He has ranked first for his age class in multiple Ironman competitions and even competed in the qualifiers for the 2008 Summer Olympics. He’s dedicated his life to the triathlon and knows the races inside and out.

You might say that Robert got into triathlons naturally. He was a member of his high school’s cross country and swim teams in his home town of Farragut, Tennessee. He won high school state and regional competitions all over the southeast when it was suggested to him by his coach that he add cycling to his repertoire and compete in triathlons. A natural competitor and always up for new challenges, Robert was eager to combine his two passions and to add a third. He trained harder than he ever had before and competed in his first triathlon at the age of eighteen. It was a different level of competition than he had ever experienced and he has been hooked ever since.

For Robert, nothing compares to the rush you feel when you cross that finish line. It’s the ultimate reward for all the hard work of the triathlon. The triathlon has influenced all aspects of Robert’s life, including his core philosophy. Robert never gives up and he always keeps on going. It works for the triathlon and it works in life, too. Now, he’d love to share his passion with you. Robert graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee. He’s combining his talents and his passion to help expert and aspiring triathletes the tools they need to compete at their very best.

Robert lives with his wife and daughter in Nashville, Tennessee.