2XU Men’s Perform Full Front Zip Trisuit Review

The 2Xu Men’s Perform Full Front Zip Trisuit is designed for triathletes and offers unparalleled durability and strength, which makes it an excellent choice for all triathlon athletes.

Also, it provides great functionality and ventilation—making it an excellent suit for race day and all other conditions.

The SBR Power-lite fabric will keep you dry, especially as you move from the water to on-land competition.

The SBR Power-lite paneling system also provide great muscle support. In addition, this suit is supremely easy to get in and out of with their full center zipper design—which extends to the lower stomach and opens out at the hipline.


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This product is designed very well and should be very high-functioning for any user.

All 2XU products feature their “Compression Technology,” which reduces muscle fatigue while keeping your muscle in place.

The Compression Technology design improves the overall awareness that your body has during positioning. In the industry, this is called “Proprioception” and studies have shown that it reduces injuries by nearly a third.

Other features of this technology include improved blood flow, quicker muscle warm-ups, muscle oscillation minimization and micro-tearing, reduced deep vein thrombosis and blood pool, overall flexibility, and the reduction of blood lactates during athletic activity.

Lastly—in the case of injury—Compression Technology will reduce swelling in the body by improving lymphatic drainage, which makes for quicker muscle repair and the removal of toxins from the body.


  • Made of 83% POLYAMIDE and 17% ELASTANE
  • 70D elastane
  • SBR Power-lite fabric — keeps you dry and cool during competition.
  • Ergonomically engineered panels — which provide power, support, and durability.
  • The Y elastic grip means that this is a highly comfortable suit and remains squarely in place during high-impact athletic activity.
  • Silicone Free — ensures better wearability and comfort.
  • LD chamois — ensures moisture management and adds another layer of comfort.
  • Flatlock stitching — eliminates irritation and chafing during movement.
  • SPF 50 UV protection.
  • Three rear pockets.
  • Full Center Zip.
  • Maximum Airflow.



  • While the Compression Technology in this suit is the single most unique thing about it, this product is, in all other ways, very well designed.
  • It may just be one of the most well-ventilated suits on the market—you can almost feel the air move through the suit as you jog.
  • In addition, the SBR fabric and paneling system really works keep you dry as you go from the swimming to the running or cycling portion of a triathlon event.
  • Lastly, it just has to be mentioned, the pockets on this suit are one of the nicest things about this product. It can be quite a hassle, as you are practicing for an event or competition, not to be able to keep anything on you—like a lanyard, whistle, or your favorite protein bar. These pockets solve that problem quite wonderfully. They are designed quite intuitively, and you’ll hardly notice them as you attempt to remain as lightweight as possible during actual competition.


  • The first possible drawback to this wetsuit is that some might find it a bit too snug.
  • Of course, you can always purchase a suit one size larger than the size you normally would—though that is not recommended.
  • While this is not a design flaw—as the suit was designed for a close fitting because it reduces injury and saves energy—some might find it uncomfortable. However, if you can get used to it, it’ll make you feel like an athletic machine—with every limb and muscle locked perfectly into place and ready for action.
  • A problem that nearly every customer has experienced when purchasing a wetsuit is buying the wrong size. If you are a first-time buyer, don’t let this happen to you. Make sure that you check the size chart before purchase.


Bottom line, this suit is just great and provides way more value than the price tag would suggest.

It features one of the best designs on the market, especially towards the prevention of injuries. With Compression Technology the 2XU Men’s Perform Full Front Zip Trisuit is a great suit for anyone—but it could be especially useful for the injury prone or those new to high-levels of competition.

Also, as already mentioned, this suit is likely one of the most ventilated wetsuits with the highest levels of airflow around. You might get overheated during triathlon competition, but it certainly won’t be because of this suit.

With all that said, the high-quality materials and the well-crafted muscle support that this suit features makes this product a steal at the price.